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I am a peace worker from Ankara, Turkey. I began my career in journalism and in 2013 I covered the Gezi Park Movement as a freelance journalist in alternative media and international press. I was a Master-student in Peace and Conflict Studies Hacettepe University's Istanbul branch from 2014 to 2017, where I was taught among others by Johan Galtung, Jorgen Johansen, Stellan Vinthagen, Oliver Richmond, Norman Finkelstein, Joshua Weiss, Wolfgang Dietrich, Gal Harmat, Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen, Zeki Ergas, Tatsushi Arai and Amr Khairy Abdalla. Hacettepe University shut down the department in 2015 but I obtained a Master's degree with my thesis subject being 'Identity-based Conflicts in between Resistance Groups during the Gezi Movement'. Since 2016, I have attended several international conferences on non-violent resistance and science, especially on the interactions between practice and science to which they belong and on the transformation and social change of several actors. I am currently a PhD student at University of Wuppertal and my research focuses on inclusive transformation of the international community, especially on the participation of women with their cultural knowledge in sustainable and just urban development process. In this context I am coordinating the network of the urban gardening peace project at the Alevi culture centre in Wuppertal. The project which focuses inclusivity, strengthening of women, peacebuilding strategies, climate justice and biodiversity at micro-level. I am an UrbanA Fellow and also a professional tour guide of Turkey and a certified expert on Istanbul and the work of the famous 16th century architect Sinan.