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She is a peace worker from Ankara, Turkey. She began her career in journalism and in 2013 she covered the Gezi Park Movement as a freelance journalist in alternative media and international press. she was a Master-student in Peace and Conflict Studies Hacettepe University's Istanbul branch from 2014 to 2017, where She was taught among others by Johan Galtung, Jorgen Johansen, Stellan Vinthagen, Oliver Richmond, Norman Finkelstein, Joshua Weiss, Wolfgang Dietrich, Gal Harmat, Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen, Zeki Ergas, Tatsushi Arai and Amr Khairy Abdalla. Hacettepe University shut down the department in 2015 but she obtained a Master's degree with my thesis subject being 'Identity-based Conflicts in between Resistance Groups during the Gezi Movement'.Since graduating from Hacettepe University in 2017, she was able to gain experience, inspire transformers and realize projects. As a trained peace-worker, she has been invited to present new ideas at international conferences and did interventions on the level of established organizations as well as in inter-personal or inter-group conflicts.Her work has focused on social innovation. In particular, she advocates for the creation of new social structures and implements modern methods as state of the art. She founded the concept of nature-based micro-level solutions as new forms of dialogue for a sustainable and just future.She cares deeply about a shared understanding of mutual respect.Above all, it is also important to her to take responsibility for future generations..

Burcu's "Urban Gardening Peace Project" won second place in the Audience Award at Go Volunteer Awards 2021, and third place at "Social Innovation" category.She is an UrbanA Fellow and Tag des Guten Lebens Advisory Board member in Wuppertal.

Neue Formen des Dialogs –für einen friedlichen, gerechten und nachhaltigen Wandel!