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The UrbanA Community of Practice (CoP) is an open network of individuals committed to taking constructive action on urban social inequality and ecological unsustainability in the ambition to create more just and sustainable cities.

This page is part of an ongoing, open-ended online collaborative database, which collects relevant approaches that can be used by city-makers to tackle unsustainability and injustice in cities. This page makes no claims of authoritative completeness and welcomes your suggestions.

What is a Community of Practice (CoP)

A Community of Practice is a group of people who shares and interests and learns together how such an interest. Like any other community of practice, the UrbanA CoP has the three main elements:

A shared interest – in this case justice and sustainability in cities

A community that shares this interest – all active participants in, contributors to and followers of the project

What the community undertakes together – ongoing engagement in UrbanA through the four Arena events, Arena side events and other project activities.

Who is part of the UrbanA Community of Practice

The structure of the UrbanA CoP can be represented as a series of concentric circles, each indicating different levels of engagement (see picture).

The UrbanA CoP is sustained on an ongoing basis by targeted communications activities and social learning processes.

UrbanA Community Conversations are interactive webinars occurring every 2/3 weeks during the duration of the UrbanA project (2019 - 2021) focusing on urban justice and sustainability. These webinars as well as UrbanA tools, reports, podcasts and blogs, all to be collated on the UrbanA website, are developed together by the UrbanA consortium and the wider UrbanA CoP members, with the final aim to build a stronger community.

How can you join the UrbanA Community of Practice