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Welcome to the UrbanA wiki. This wiki is an ongoing, open-ended online collaborative database and knowledge source for the Community of Practice of UrbanA.

UrbanA Website

About UrbanA

Cities play a key role in responding to the great challenges of our time. However increasing poverty and inequality, exacerbated by the recent financial and housing crises, are putting the social cohesion and resilience of European cities to the test. Much research has focused on teasing out the causes of urban social inequality and ecological unsustainability, and on understanding the connections, tensions and contradictions between the two. Research and innovation have also contributed to the development of ways to make cities more just and sustainable. Yet the need to consolidate and effectively communicate this knowledge and experience remains. UrbanA, Urban Arenas for Sustainable and Just Cities, takes up this challenge.

Further information on UrbanA, a major EU-funded project on urban sustainability and justice, can be found on the project's public website.

Mapping of existing approaches

The starting point for UrbanA’s three-year journey is the mapping of existing approaches to tackling unsustainability and injustice in cities. This mapping is initially based on knowledge and insights generated in previous EU-funded projects and will be enriched by the experience of city-makers. In this ways the mapping is not only a matter of gathering data, but also of engaging people and of acknowledging them for their prior and ongoing efforts. The aim is not simply to create a comprehensive database but rather to serve the creative learning process envisioned for the UrbanA’s Arena events, which bring together European city-makers and city-thinkers. The database thus functions as a shared resource and knowledge base.

The UrbanA wiki database

This wiki captures this learning process and provides a shared workspace for the UrbanA Community of Practice. The database initially consists of a set of approaches and research methods perceived particularly useful with linking urban sustainability and justice. Use of this wiki will connect closely with our shared virtual library.

Visit the list of approaches, projects and people by following this link:

Database of approaches

Database of projects

Database of people


We welcome all Arena Event fellows and participants to contribute to the wiki by directly creating content or giving suggestions.

Check out the User guide to find out more about how to contribute, including links to tips on formatting and editing wiki pages.


This site holds an ongoing, open-ended online collaborative database, which attempts to collect relevant approaches that can be used by city-makers to tackle unsustainability and injustice in cities. Up till now the pages are based mainly on knowledge generated in EU-funded projects, distilled and summarised by consortium members. The database touches on fast-changing fields. As such, this page makes no claims of authoritative completeness and welcomes your suggestions.


Reuse of content for non-commercial purposes is permitted, with attribution, under Creative Commons Licence BY-NC 4.0. Further information is available on our copyrights page.