Database of governance interventions

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In many places across Europe, people experiment with local governance arrangements that are favorable to justice and sustainability. Based on real word experiments (mostly within EU-funded projects), we developed 11 rich descriptions that capture the crucial variables enabling this intervention to successfully emerge. Covering a large variety of sectors i.e. mobility, energy, food or housing as well as governance modes i.e. government-led, hybrid or citizen-led, these 11 rich descriptions inform about sustainable and just governance arrangements. They have been translated into brief governance scenarios that aim to be inspirational.

Rich descriptions

  1. Anti-gentrification resistances case
  2. Foodsharing case
  3. Community Land Trust case
  4. Barcelona Superblocks case
  5. Peri-Urban Collserola Natural Park case
  6. Vauban neighborhood case
  7. Stravos Niarchos Fundation Cultural Center Case
  8. Brixton Energy case
  9. Augustenborg
  10. Burger Energie Berlin case
  11. Resilience Lab case