Database of drivers of injustice

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Examination of 43 relevant major EU-funded projects taking place since the mid-2000s identified the following ten drivers of injustice arising in the context of urban sustainability efforts:

  1. Exclusive access to the benefits of sustainability infrastructure
  2. Material and livelihood inequalities
  3. Racialized or ethnically exclusionary urbanization
  4. Uneven and exclusionary urban intensification and regeneration
  5. Uneven environmental health and pollution patterns
  6. Unfit institutional structures
  7. Limited citizen participation in urban planning
  8. Lack of effective knowledge brokerage and stewardship opportunities
  9. Unquestioned Neoliberal growth and austerity urbanism
  10. Weak(ened) civil society

These drivers will form the basis of discussions at the second UrbanA Arena event, taking place online on June 4th and 5th 2020. Fuller information will be added following the Arena event, and the wiki pages opened for further co-creation by members of the UrbanA Community of Practice.

Summaries of each driver are also available in a summary booklet prepared for the Arena.

Short video summaries of each driver are also available on the UrbanA Youtube account.