B) Civil society driven

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Description of the governance mode

According to the NATURVATION's NBS-Atlas that distinguishes three categories of governance arrangements, civil society driven arrangements are initiated and led by non-government actors including citizen organizations or NGOs.

Brief governance scenarios driven by civil society

  1. Learning from successful community-based actions against gentrification
  2. Expanding effective practices for food rescuing and sharing among cities
  3. Making local energy systems inclusively sustainable - by ourselves, with a little help by friends
  4. From electricity to empowerment, community energy growing out of the inner-city

Detailed governance interventions driven by civil society

The following detailed descriptions of real world experiments (mostly within EU-funded projects) have inspired and substantiated the brief governance scenarios above.

  1. Bottom-up resistance against gentrification in Rome
  2. Citizens rescuing and sharing food in Berlin
  3. Citizens share in Berlin Energy Grid for sustainable energy
  4. Inner-city community energy in London